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Staten Island Orioles Update: May 4, 2020

We hope that this newsletter finds you well, safe and healthy. It feels like there are changes and challenges that we must adapt to and adjust on a daily basis.

There is a ton of relevant information that we’d like to share with you. Please realize that we take time between updates in order not to overreact to news and to hopefully give you some realistic, useful information.

In order to help you find the most relevant info for you and your family, we will break things down into 3 different age groups:

9u – 12u: Little League

13/14u: Prep division

HS aged players: Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors

Overall, we will continue to monitor and stick to CDC, local and state government guidelines in order to comply with “PAUSE/Social Distancing guidelines and keep everyone safe and healthy. While we are all dying to get back out on the field and return to normalcy, we must all continue to do the right thing to protect our community as a whole.

We couldn’t be prouder of our Orioles family, both players and parents. To this point we have not received any complaints or hassles from anyone. People checking in on each other – everyone helping out. Genuine concern for others. It’s really amazing to watch how everyone has pulled together for the greater good despite the numerous challenges we have been faced with. We wouldn’t trade our families and players for anyone else. You all are the very definition of “NY Strong” for sure.

We will continue to monitor and attempt to keep everyone informed during this ever-changing time. We must continue to be resilient and realize that there will have to be certain changes to make this work. Because of all this, we want to say thank you to each and every one of you. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. Ultimately, and the end of the day, the adversity we go through will make us stronger in the end.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon. Just to be able to be outside in the fresh air, sunshine and being around the players and the sport we love would be amazing and all we can ask for.

Please stay safe, be healthy.

Best wishes,

Mike Campbell


Staten Island Orioles

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